Information is key to manage waste efficiently

Businesses know why they manage waste: the targets are usually to be environmentally conscious, to reduce costs, and to improve their operational processes. However, difficulties remain when it comes to understanding how waste management requirements are evolving. These changes must be reflected in the business decisions that need to be taken. For any decision to be viable and efficient, reliable information is essential. 

Cyklpoint has been designed to optimise the management of waste data, allowing the tracking of waste quality, and the performance of waste management processes. A detailed audit trail improves the integrity of waste data. This can be further enhanced via IoT, by integration with weighbridge systems, smartbins, and other equipment collecting digital data on waste. Data transfer to clients or service providers is automated. The degree to which a paper chase can be reduced will depend on the extent to which users migrate their operations onto the system. Given the integrated messaging system, even communication trails are recorded, and are available for audit.

The waste industry is increasingly regulated and complex to manage… Cyklpoint brings together all partners in the circular economy in a simplified and feature rich platform.’ Michael Sant, Cyklpoint co-founder.

This is where a business can shift emphasis. Don’t get lost in masses of paper and spreadsheets and requests for information. Cyklpoint automates tracking of performance and generation of information. And that information is the launch pad from where decisions can be made that have the potential to achieve targets. 

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